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The Truth about Entrepreneurs Reading

Reading means a lot more than articles and books

Leaders are readers. Isn’t that right? Absolutely. However, do you know who the readers are? ‘Readers’ in your mind could be one thing only which is the state of being surrounded with books and paper while your eyes are still scanning the lines of the one you have in your hands. That is not the utter truth because if it were then the librarian or the book store salesman should be the leaders

I guess we all encounter the situation in the morning when we take the bus or the subway to work when we see a lot of people using the time of commute reading those thick books. This habit is tremendously attractive, and it encourages passengers to read and learn something new while they are on their way home or to work. Then, we have journalists, interviewers, editors, and so many others whose work revolves around reading in the first place.

Here is the truth

It is not reading pages that leads to success. It is implementing ideas and executing plans, applying the wisdom hidden between the lines of books, and brainstorming more executable ones. When you understand this fact, you will start reading ideas, and your life will become a laboratory of entrepreneurial, psychological, social, inspirational, and financial experiments. The pages will become video clips, audiobooks, tutorials, conversations with those who made it, and job experiences that become my true reading and learning path.


Although the core of reading is to understand ideas and comprehend them, books remained the number one source of that process for centuries. Reading is the opposite of recoding information in the subconscious mind, but I could not understand why reading books was the thing that most successful people urged others to do. Not only do business people do that, but also it is encouraged by school teachers, professors, and celebrities.

What you should know is that reading books has the edge because it has less programming in it. You may get surprised by the word “Programming”. When you watch a movie, the picture, the ef

fects, the sounds, and even the script is already there. In other words, there is no space for you to imagine or to question easily. Therefore, movies or screens, in general, have the power of magic because they can make people imagine the exact picture and the exact information exposed to the viewer. Although that is true, it’s not bad at all, but that depends on the content. Books, on the other hand, give exposure to words and sentences which is why you can analyze, think, pause, compare, and imagine. This is the edge of books

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