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The Simplest Recipe of Projects Success

"I want to build my own project, but I don't know where to start". Perhaps you have heard this sentence from many people, or you may have said that to yourself a couple of times.

Let's make this easier. What you really need is to find your compass which is also called "YOUR PASSION", then you need a plan. So, follow these steps to make the steps of your project clear:

1. What do you love to do? In other words, what makes you happy deep inside?

Attention: being happy is not having pleasure. For example, smoking could make you feel that pleasure, but it will never make you happy. Happiness is a soul thing.

It is a long-term feeling. It is what you have for a long time when you succeed at college, work, and in a relationship. It is the feeling of reaching the top of Mount Everest after a tough journey but you will live with that success forever.

Does helping others find their career make you happy? Is it doing what it takes to eliminate a disease? Is it turning deserts into trees and forests so that life can happen in those areas? Or perhaps inspiring people and making them feel alive and that they can succeed too.

Search inside and find the true answers.

2. Come up with simple ideas that add value to people. Let’s think about it this way. A taxi that serves soft drinks and water, will work much better than a normal taxi because it added the value of making people more comfortable and the journey more joyful.

3. Plan small steps but based on a far vision this project will reach. Don’t make it complicated. It is not the website or the logo or even the paid campaigns that you need at the beginning. It is not even finding the investor.

4. Commit to the three elements of project success: Time, Money (Budget), and Quality. If you sell cookies, then the quality of your ingredients and preparation is really important. Also, the time you need to take to prepare your kitchen and utensils before you start taking orders is essential. In other words, how long does it take so that you can start taking orders? How long do you need so that you can buy an oven, mixer, blender, etc.?

The last element here is your budget. How much money do you need so that you can take orders from people? Calculate the oven cost, the utensils, the equipment, etc.

Note: A fancy, breathtaking expensive cookies box is not essential at the beginning, but it will be when you start making delicious cookies that people talk about and buy all the time.

5. Learn all the way how to improve your process at every level. Don’t plateau. You need to make incremental improvements as part of your daily brainstorming process.

6. Delegate as you grow. If you start your project with 5 people, then you need to delegate more tasks to others when the business goes well and make the team become 10, 20, etc. incrementally.

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