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5 Helpful Assets Broke Startups Should Aim for Having Today!

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

When businessmen and entrepreneurs plan to buy assets to increase their income, they build projects, buy lands, or even buy houses to rent to others. But what can a fresh startup do? For someone who is working from home or has a limited income, the idea of buying assets can be frustrating.

Here are the important assets you need to start planning for if you are a fresh startup:

Online-store: Yes, building an online store and its social media pages is like purchasing a shop in a shopping mall. You need to invest every single cent you save in purchasing or designing an attractive website to sell products to customers. You don’t need to have the products since you can do drop-shipping

Create a unique product: It doesn’t have to be a great innovation that needs investment. You can make certain hand-made products that add value to a lot of people. For example, you can pay a designer to help you create a very unique and professional fitness guide, or you can buy certain hand-made accessories that can be packaged and promoted well on a platform.

Camera: This is another asset you can benefit from. There are products you need to promote that you can shoot professionally and make a good impression on your audience. There are also websites that pay you for wonderful pictures you take like Adobe Stock Images and Shutterstock. Also, you can make your own blog or YouTube channel that interests people by taking videos for nice places in your city using your own camera. In addition, you can take shots of products based on shop owners’ requests.

Marketing & Promotion: Another way to invest your saving is to promote products of other companies so you can get a commission which is called drop-shipping.

Training: If you have the skills of training, then you can invest the little money you save in making a professional course and promote that training program so you can get paid for the value you share. There are many websites and platforms that offer services of training that you can join such as Udemy.

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