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5 Extremely Important Steps to Turn Your Idea into a Business

Business ideas should never be like ghosts. They should be implemented and brought to life. But how? How can you manifest your creative moments? This is the question many young entrepreneurs face when they have this inner nudge.

If you are one of them, then keep reading so we can break down the steps of making ideas a reality.

1. Question your idea on paper

Writing down your idea on a piece of paper has many benefits and one of them is the benefit of thinking clearly. Simply, because your mind will always run to the comfort zone and ignore some details in the thinking process.

But, what should you question? This question is the key to the right manifestation of thoughts.

· The first thing you need to question is: “What value will this project present in exchange for profit? For example, if you come up with an idea to make wooden figures, then you have to think of the value these figures will add to people, maybe the shapes of the figures can leave a positive impact like a quote, or there might be another use for the figures such as placing your glasses and keychain on them.

· The second question is extremely important: “How this idea will be different from competitors”. Think about it this way. Every product in the market has a wide range of competition particularly products we use in our daily life. However, every single one of them has something a bit different from the other that makes it stand out. For example, shampoo types and brands are many, but if you look closely, you will find that some of them are for athletes while others are to fight dandruff. Some shampoo bottles are different in their shapes that make better utility.

· The third question is: who are the targeted customers or audience? You need to know who they are and how they will use your product. The more detailed you become, the better the targeting will be.

2. Build the content before the brand

Don’t start with the brand name or the logo. Begin with the quality and the process of your product or service. See how you can make it the best and easiest way possible. Besides, think of the efficiency of manufacturing particularly when it comes to time and cost. Think also of who can help you in the making of your service or product. In addition, you definitely need to figure out what skills or tools you are missing in your business or project.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of your brand tone

Your brand or product must convey a message and a feeling. The tone plays a great role in delivering these feelings to your customers or audience. For example, if you want to sell socks that are eco-friendly and for kids only, then your tone should have a balance of seriousness toward the environment and fun for kids. Now, think of what brands attract you and how they deliver certain feelings to you. For example, Nike tells you to go for your goals and do what it takes like the pro athletes who have accomplished greatness.

4. Start small but with this key!

Don’t fall into the trap of making a big shot at the very beginning. Things take time, and good things take time and effort. Step by step is key. However, there is a secret which you should use while climbing the stairs of success. The secret is “FOI” Focus on Improvement. That how greatness is built. Your attention to the tiny details and areas of improvement will always put you ahead. Maybe the font you use in your post pictures needs improvement. Maybe it is the time of communicating with your audience. Maybe it is the packaging of your product. Remember, improvement doesn’t have a ceiling.

5. Be genuine

People love authenticity and the truth. This is why people love to buy products used by bloggers and YouTubers because they feel the authenticity. If you are genuine and you transmit honest emotions and value, your audience in time and effort will notice that and stick to your products and services. That is how customer loyalty is built. Think of how customers are still loyal to the honesty and authenticity of Steve Jobs who used to talk openly and without any sophisticated appearance.

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