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Candy Construction Software Crack Sites

Construction cost estimating software is computer software designed for contractors to estimate construction costs for a specific project. A cost estimator will typically use estimating software to estimate their bid price for a project, which will ultimately become part of a resulting construction contract. Some architects, engineers, construction managers, and others may also use cost estimating software to prepare cost estimates for purposes other than bidding such as budgeting and insurance claims..

candy construction software crack sites

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Candy is a comprehensive, integrated software suite for estimating, planning, modeling, managing and controlling construction projects, leading to improved accuracy and increased productivity.It is used worldwide by large multinational consortiums and small contractors alike. Candy is rented on a monthly basis, which includes free-of-charge upgrades to each new version.With this program you can import or copy & paste a BOQ directly from Excel and similar applications.

Candy is a modern software suite focused on project control in the construction industry, a field in which Construction Computer Software (CCS) as a company have gained enormous experience in their more than 35 years of existence.


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