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Hudson Young

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Discord Rich Me!

Hearing none, she continued. For the next several mikes, Kingfish described several problems facing us. First, the extensive water crisis in the city, with less than half its people having access to clean potable water, gave immense power to any individual or group controlling it. Next, with about 300 in our company, the people of São Paulo outnumbered us by more than 100,000 to one, so we had to avoid any unnecessary conflicts if possible. Further, the huge rich-poor gap meant that most of these people were impoverished and might do anything, not to mention suicidal attacks, to pilfer what we possessed. Also alienating its people were their lack of personal security, limited access to education and health services, lack of faith in politics, and inconsistent practices by its justice system and police. Finally, the corrupt local government officials, military, law enforcement, and businesses had fueled violence from its organized crime and paramilitary organizations. It was this violence that forced us to conduct NEO in the city. 041b061a72


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