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Download Rpp An Silabus Tata Boga Smp Kelas 8 54

Download Rpp An Silabus Tata Boga Smp Kelas 8 54

Rpp An Silabus Tata Boga Smp Kelas 8 54 is a document that contains the lesson plan and syllabus for the subject of cooking in junior high school grade 8. It is based on the curriculum of 2013 and covers the basic competencies, indicators, learning activities, and assessment methods for cooking various dishes. The document is available for download from the following link:


The document is divided into several sections, such as:

  • Introduction: This section provides the background, rationale, and objectives of the subject of cooking.

  • Standard Competency: This section lists the general skills and knowledge that students are expected to achieve after completing the subject of cooking.

  • Basic Competency: This section specifies the specific skills and knowledge that students are expected to master in each semester and topic.

  • Indicator: This section defines the measurable and observable behaviors that students should demonstrate to show their mastery of the basic competencies.

  • Learning Activity: This section describes the steps and methods that teachers should use to facilitate the learning process of students.

  • Assessment: This section explains the criteria and instruments that teachers should use to evaluate the learning outcomes of students.

  • Learning Resources: This section suggests the materials and references that teachers and students can use to support their learning.

The document also includes some examples of recipes, worksheets, rubrics, and observation sheets that can be used for teaching and learning cooking. Some of the dishes that are covered in the document are:

  • Cake

  • Bread

  • Pizza

  • Pasta

  • Soup

  • Salad

  • Rice

  • Noodle

  • Meat

  • Fish

  • Egg

  • Vegetable

  • Fruit

  • Dessert

The document is intended to help teachers plan and implement effective and engaging lessons for students who are interested in learning cooking. It is also useful for students who want to improve their cooking skills and knowledge. By following the document, teachers and students can achieve the following benefits:

  • Develop practical skills in preparing and serving various dishes.

  • Understand the principles and techniques of cooking.

  • Learn about the nutritional values and hygiene standards of food.

  • Cultivate creativity and appreciation for culinary arts.

  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills through group work.

If you want to download Rpp An Silabus Tata Boga Smp Kelas 8 54, you can click on the link above or visit this website:

[2] I hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading.


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