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Hudson Young
Hudson Young

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A Zeltron, Deliah Blue had bright pink skin, while her hair and lips were a lush shade of blue. Her eyes shone a deep violet.[1] Like most Zeltrons, Blue was fond of partying, and although she would later pursue a career in her life, this liking would never disappear. Her wardrobe contained a wide range of attire for everyday use,[7] as well as armor,[33] Additionally, her usual clothing was fashionable, flashy, and bright, often in neon colors similar to her own natural tones.[26] The group often took advantage of her appearance, such as coercing guards to let them pass, evident in their entrance of Brogar's cantina.[6] Additionally, her species could generate pheromones to enhance their attractiveness, and had the empathic ability to read and feel the emotions of others. This made her very persuasive, and she even tried to seduce Gar Stazi, leader of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, for a better deal on the weapons she was selling.[31]

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