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One morning, Takamura heard a phone ringing in his room, but Ippo was sleeping and didn't hear the phone ringing. After he woke up, Takamura went downstairs and found his mother in the kitchen, dressed up in her work suit, as she had a cooking shift that day, and Takamura told her to go out. Ippo came down the stairs as Takamura went downstairs to find him. Takamura then returned to his room and he put on his kabuto beetle outfit as he went to the Kamogawa gym. At the gym, Takamura overheard Ippo talking about his match with Aoki. Ippo said that he hasn't seen Aoki since the day Takamura had his match with him, as well as the day that Kimura beat him. Takamura went to see Itagaki where he told him his match with Kimura, Ippo then came into the gym. Ippo had an unpleasant look on his face as he told Takamura that he had to fight against his elder, but Takamura didn't care, after he won the title he got to ask Kimura if he can meet him. Ippo told them about Takamura challenging him, as well as Ippo losing his match to Aoki.

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Takamura and Aoki sparred for two hours the next day. On the way there, Takamura asked Aoki how he had managed to dodge every single punch, despite him being that small. To answer him, Aoki told Takamura about the time when he was in high school, but Takamura was already in middle school, making Aoki doubting that they were talking about the same person. Takamura then joined Aoki in the ring. When they sparred, Takamura used the Sakki, confusing Aoki as he felt he saw a punch coming but it did not come. After the spar, Aoki explained that he was not doing the same thing as a normal feint. Kamogawa then explained to Aoki and Takamura about the basics of boxing. Kamogawa then told them about his days when he was on the same ship as Nekota and Sakki. While they were at the gym, Takamura and Aoki then sparred against Nekota and Ippo to test the theory of Sakki. After the spar, Takamura and Aoki were ready to spar Nekota and Ippo in their usual manner. At the pension, the three sparred with Nekota and Ippo the next day, leaving Nekota and Ippo shocked as the spar appeared to be one-sided. However, Nekota went to Takamura and asked him why he liked using Sakki, as the way he uses it is meant for someone that is twice the size as Takamura is. Takamura told Nekota that there are some people who will always be at Takamura's level, while there are also people that Takamura is not at Aoki's level, such as Ippo and Aoki. Takamura then went back to the ring. When Aoki and Nekota sparred, Nekota became confident after watching Takamura. After the spar, Takamura and Aoki sparred with Nekota and Ippo. While they sparred, Takamura told Nekota that he wants the world championship, as this is the only thing that matters. At the pension, Takamura and the others sparred with Nekota and Ippo again the next day. Upon seeing the two, Nekota and Ippo were stunned to see that it was Takamura and Aoki. Nekota and Ippo then sparred as Takamura and Aoki watched. When Nekota threw a left hook at Ippo, Ippo countered the hook with a one-two. Nekota then tried another hook, resulting in Takamura telling him how he was moving at a snail's pace. Takamura then explained to Nekota and Ippo about Sakki. At the pension, the three sparred once more against Nekota and Ippo. After the spar, the two sparred against Nekota and Ippo for a bit longer. Then, Takamura, Aoki, and Nekota sparred with Ippo. After the spar, Ippo asked the three about what they wanted to do once they complete the tournament. They told him about not liking stopping once things get interesting, not caring about winning, and wanting to see what happens even if they are defeated. After the spar, Kamogawa then announced that they will be having a meal at the pub nearby the gym. He then told everyone to be there at 10 a.m. in the morning. When the three returned to the gym, Kamogawa announced that he was going to charge the household for the meal. When Takamura realized that Kamogawa was charging for the meal, he asked him to change his mind. Seeing that Takamura was disappointed, Aoki told Takamura to stop complaining and to have another cup of coffee. Takamura then went to the cafeteria and bought coffee.

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